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In case you don't already know, this special place DocuFan is like an ever mutating Capcom Fighter fan wiki OF the FANS, FOR the FANS, & BY the FANS!

It exists as a promise to be an ongoing extensive directory of fan media examples and links. A site dedicated to Capcom fighting fan content creators and their awesome creativity you just have to see while traveling thru all those tough streets around the internet.
Now you won't find any official works that you can just catch on any 'ol news feed here. Nah unh! This show is about spreading the glow on all that fan goodness!
Getting every piece of work linked to creators' sites that we can possibly find of our fellow world warriors. Connecting characters to creators, creators to works, and fans to each other until it all comes back around to you!

All in the hope that even more people can discover the beauty of what a legion of Capcom fighting fans can show out with.
So whaddaya say? Now you with us? Then let's hit the streets!

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“Wait a minute - IFAQ? ”
Well we did consider UFAQ from the very dated term UnFrequently, but we figured InFrequently was more appropriate. This is a pretty new site after all. No one's really asked anything yet.

“What fan works do you host here?”
None! We don't host anyone's work. This place is more of a hub to connect all the works where the creators want them to be found. We just want to guide people to them through our database of fan contributed listings.

“Could I host a picture or video on here if I wanted to though?”
Yes and no. We don't have a dedicated spot as of yet, but we wouldn't mind hosting a SAMPLE of your original work with your watermark on it. Then, of course, the required links would lead to the real thing. Same for fanfics. No audio or video though. The server load could wind up tricky real quick.

“How about YouTube vids?”
Embedding them on pages is a possibility in the future. Especially on creator profile pages when the editing process becomes more streamlined around here.

“Is it difficult to edit pages on this site?”
It's not really difficult, but we wouldn't want people who've never messed with syntax before getting frustrated by trying to add in a few lines of text. There's a format to follow in that regard. But it is simpler than it looks. Plus, with the way we have things setup ATM, I'd say it's easier to add listings here than most sites. We just urge people to be cognizant while submitting, so that they don't have to edit at all.

“Can anybody edit anything they want on here?”
No, not at first. Unless you're staff or have been granted permission to fix an error, the most users can do are submit listings and edit their profile page. Once a user has been fairly active with the site for over a month though there's a chance for them to apply for creating/editing character pages.

For Editors

As of now this site is not open to everyone to edit just yet. The foundation period is going to have some select folks fill out some things just so there's a standard set, but don't worry because everybody who signs up can still list fan content on the main pages.

If you're writing a Bio for a character page or editing a character page you can look at Ryu's as an example. In the near future there will be a video here showing you the basics of creating and editing on DocuFan.